Best Practices for Rx’s

Best Practices for Prescribing DME

 1. Refer your patients to contracted suppliers as of NOW.


Patient’s services will likely be cut as these companies are forced to deal with reduced reimbursement and no new business.

As this program goes into effect, non-contract suppliers will be dealt a significant financial blow. First, their reimbursement for existing patients will be reduced by 32%. In addition, they will not be able accept new patients. For most companies Medicare is a significant source of revenue. Having it drastically reduced without the possibility of gaining new patients equates to a bleak outlook.

2. Ask each DME vendor that you have used in the past if they have won a contract under this program. If so, which contracts (ask to see them)?


This will give you a head start in dealing with coordinating replacement equipment for your patients. It will help ensure that service for your patients continues without disruption.

To keep everyone honest, ask to see a copy of the contract.

3. If a DME vendor was not awarded contracts: Are you grandfathering your patients?


If the company is not planning to grandfather existing patients they will need your assistance in finding a new supplier who is contracted. This will help you to get a head start on any patients who will require replacement equipment.